I bought into my first BNR a couple months after I had opened my shop, Katie's Creative Corner, on Etsy.  Don't let this fool you, when I opened my shop, I did just that...opened it.  I didn't know what I was doing but I listed a few items and then I let it sit.  About a month later after checking day after day to see if I had a sale, to no avail, I decided that I needed to do some work and I started reading up on Etsy and joining teams.  One of the teams I joined was doing a BNR and after asking minimal questions, I bought in.  I didn't get a sale that night but they were having a raffle and I won a prize.  After that I was hooked.  The more I asked questions the more I learned and now I run my own with the help of my wonderful team leaders.

My point here is that no one really knows what they are doing at first but this should help you gain a little bit of knowledge and then if you like the idea and want to participate, make sure you ask questions on things you don't understand.  I have found that the people running the BNS and BNR's are some of the friendliest and most helpful people there are.  They want you to understand what you are doing so they do not mind answering questions.  They also want you to come back and chat with them, maybe buy something if you are in the mood. =)

So, since I have been talking about a BNR I guess the first question is:

What is a BNR?

BNR stands for Buy and Replace.  Which means, you make a purchase from one of the shops in the treasury, and an item from your shop will immediately replace the shop you bought from on the treasury board.  Then other shoppers have a chance to buy from you and take your place on the board.  Your shop stays on the board until someone either buys from you or the BNR is over.  Depending on the BNR you my be placed on a carryover list for the next BNR but this varies so make sure to ask the curator (person running the BNR).

What is a BNS?

BNS stands for Buy and Stay. They are based on rounds.  There are a certain number of spots open for the next BNS and when you buy in your shop is placed on a list in one of those spots.  When all the spots are full the current BNS is over and the people that bought in will be in the next BNS (or sometimes your round might not be until a couple other rounds have gone. Another thing you might want to ask about.)  In the Teamwork BNS we only fill up 1 round at a time but I have participated in some that have one round ready to go and are filling up a future round.  This happens when there are a lot of carryovers.

What do you need to do?
Read the Rules...Rules to each BNR/BNS are usually posted on the 1st page or there is a link on where to go to read the rules.  If there isn't ask where you can find the rules.

In a BNR you will have to call out the shop you want to buy from in CAPS.
i.e. If I would like to shop Cosmic Cauldron my message would say "COSMIC CAULDRON  Please" and then I would wait for a reply to make sure that shop was open (no one else was shopping it at the time).

The reply from the curator would be "Katie OKAY for COSMIC"  and I am free to shop.

There is usually a minimum buy in amount. (posted in the description) Ours is a $4 minimum but I have seen them range from no minimum to $10(high rollers).  Most often you will have to reach that minimum before you add the shipping costs in and after you have taken off the discount if the shop you buy from has one.

Now you go buy the item/s you would like and when you are done, you post the transaction link (the link of the sold item/s), the amount before shipping and after coupons and the name of the shop you bought from. In a BNR you can list the url for an item from your shop you would like listed or you can let the curator pic.

BNR example

FROM COSMICwww.etsy.com/your/orders/47643111?receipt_id=47643111***(This is the link to the transaction)$4.25 before shipping and after couponPlease feature - https://www.etsy.com/listing/103009967/acrylic-painting-princess-painting-child?ref=tre-2723242852-15 (This is the item from your shop that you would like on the board)

BNS example

FROM COSMICwww.etsy.com/your/orders/47643111?receipt_id=47643111***(This is the link to the transaction)$4.25 before shipping and after coupon
There is no need in a BNS to give a listing to feature because it doesn't go up on the board right away.

You have done it!!  You entered your first BNR or BNS.

Why did you do it?

Well, it is a great way to get exposure for your shop, get a sale, meet new people, or all of these.  Also, it is really fun to receive packages in the mail! =)

Thank you and I hope this helped!


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