Sunday, November 25, 2012

Just made a New Treasury on Etsy...

"CYBER MONDAY Fabulus Finds and Great Deals"

Check it out to find great coupons and wonderful gift ideas!

Here are a feb of the great specials:

FLURRIES Snowmen in Red Set of 2
Freddismom-DECKTHEHALLS20 for 20% off

KatiesCreativeCorner- KCC10 for 10% off total purchase under $15 or BLKFRIDAY for secret special savings on orders of $15 or more. (Free gift with every order)

Stocking Stuffer Gift Bag Holiday Soy Candle Tea Lights Set of 5 Prepackaged with Tag
CosmicCauldron -BLACK for 15% off your ENTIRE order!

AdorableVintage Snowcat Snowman Christmas Hand Towel
NorthCoastCottage- TAKE30 for 30% off

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Please take a minute...

Or two to check out the discussion topic by clicking on the Discussion tab at the top of the page!  It is a great way to be social, and also help others.  You may learn something you didn't know too! =)

Thank you!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Items for the Holidays!

Dog tug toy Recycled  Jean materialIf you are like me and have a dog that loves to chew, I suggest you try these new upcycled jean tug toys for your dog! Also, a great stocking stuffer for "man's best friend".

Pumpkin Pie Scented Soy Votive Candles Set of 4
In time for the holidays, Pumpkin Pie scented Votive Candles!  I can smell them already... Yummy!

Crochet Chenille Scarf, Warm Winter Scarf. SnowFlake Scarf   Great Gift
Cold Weather is coming!  Time to get a wonderful hand crochet Chenille Scarf.

Great for Kids Set of 8 Lime Green Polka Dotted Winter Holidays / Christmas Cards With Groovy Stickers and Messages - Ready To Ship
Are you in need of really great christmas Cards? Check out these groovy lime green cards!  A fun and snazzy way to send your holiday greetings!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Sharing the Etsy Love

If you haven’t noticed, I haven’t written in awhile. Now I could spin all sorts of excuses as to why not, but the truth is I got all wrapped up in my own worries and problems and forgot about why I first fell in love with Etsy. It’s a community. There is always someone willing to answer your question, give advice, congratulate you on successes and help you through defeats, as well as help you find that perfect coffee mug that will make your Grandma’s day. If I had only opened up to people about what was worrying me and asked for help, I wouldn’t have been as stressed and maybe it could have answered others questions as well. 

So in that spirit I give you my top ten ways to share the Etsy love! There are many ways to share the love but these are my favorites! Do you do things a bit differently? Please leave it for us in the comments! These are in no particular order!

1. Shop other shops

Sounds simple right? Well it is, how many times have I gone to a store to find that oh so perfect gift only to not be able to find just the right thing? Etsy is full of wonderful readymade products and hundreds of shops willing and ready to make your custom items as well. Now I am not saying don’t ever shop in a store, but try Etsy first! 

2. Answer questions on the forums

You don’t need to be an expert seller to give your two cents! Maybe you have an idea no one’s suggested, or just read an article or blog that could help, either way share what you know if you can. You could end up helping someone learn something new or solve a problem they couldn’t fix on their own.

3. Favorite items and shops you like

There are many different theories on why or how to favorite items so follow what makes the most sense to you. This is also a great way to share the love if you don’t have a lot of money and can’t shop Etsy, it’s almost like a shopping spree! You can favorite any item you like and you don’t have to worry about money!

4. Make treasuries

This is kind of an obvious one but it’s a good one to remember and if you do it right, it won’t take up too much time. Make treasuries about anything and everything. Have a favorite book / show? Need a gift for your brother? Don’t quite know how to say thanks? Have a craving? These could all make great treasuries! Make sure to follow Etsy’s rules and tips here as well!

5. Suggest projects and ideas

Have you ever browsed a shop and thought something was missing? Maybe you think that the person who makes custom knitted stockings could do really well with a line of knitted banners. Or perhaps the handmade pendants you stumbled upon would be a big hit with a group you are involved in or know about? There are many examples of this light bulb moment but the key here is to reach out and tell the shop owner. Be polite and straight to the point, and don’t say you’d be interested in buying it if you aren’t. Not everyone takes outside ideas but maybe they would be happy to hear what you think and it could be something that would be really successful for them! 

6. Join Circles

Be in circles, join other’s circles, be good to your circles. Another obvious one but someone recently reminded me of their importance and I thought I would remind you too. Again don’t just join circles willy nilly but if there is a shop you really like or someone who’s thread posts always inspire you, join their circle, chances are they will be a wealth of great finds and may help you towards your next purchase!

7. Suggest your favorites

This is a great business principle. (think “Miracle on 34th Street”) Say someone would like to place a custom order for something you don’t do or can’t because you are booked solid at the time, what do you do? You could simply tell them no and go on with your day, but what if you took customer service a step further? You would have to make sure it was a quality choice, but suggesting someone you know does great work could help the customer, the other shop, and you! Many shoppers would be grateful for a suggestion from an expert if they can’t get their first choice and it may help you be their first stop in the future! The other shop may repay you the 
kindness in the future as well.

8. Talk about Etsy

To anyone and everyone. Now don’t just be the person who talks about Etsy when it doesn’t even make sense in the conversation, but if you are talking to someone who talks about looking for something they could find on Etsy, tell them! Even if it’s not something you sell in your shop, slip them your business card and say, “This will take you to my shop, but you can use the search bar to find that item, Etsy’s great!” It’s a great way to share the love and can help people come to your shop too.

9. Be gracious and polite

In everything you do and say on Etsy (and let’s be honest everywhere!) Maybe someone says something rude about you or your shop but biting back at them won’t win you any fans and can even turn people off. Plus, in this age many people just don’t realize how what they say comes across. So even if someone gives you a tip that makes no sense, put a smile on your face and type a quick thank you and that you will keep it in mind. Sometimes people have bad days and when they wake up the next day, your kind response may be what they need to hear. 

10. Join teams and be involved

Like our great team! Teams are a great way to get and give support and answers. There are teams for pretty much anything imaginable and you can always start your own. Once you join some teams, make sure you are active. Posting links to your items are great but make sure you are looking at other’s items and the other threads the team has. Maybe someone needs help with something you just figured out, this is a great way to share the love and maybe make you a new friend!

I know some of these may not be everyone’s cup of tea, and I ask that you remember that these are just my views and ideas and that all of us are on a path of understanding and that this isn’t the end of my learning but just a stop along the way. I’ve highlighted some of the reasons why in the end sharing the love can help you, but I haven’t laid them all out. I don’t want people to think they should do any of these things just for the payoff they get, but for how they can help others. We could all be more generous with our time and talent and the payoffs we get should be the icing on the cake, not the reason we bake!

Ok, I’m going to step off my soapbox now, have a good day and don’t forget to share the love. 


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

"Team Member Spotlight"

Melissa from MiaDesignz

Beaded Choker - Polymer Clay Daisies - Turquoise   Dinosaur Christmas Ornaments - Polymer Clay Long Necks - Set of 2   Earrings - Sterling Silver Wire Wrapped - Swarovski - Fun

Recently, we sent out invitations to a few different shops to run a beta test on a new blog feature that once a week will highlight one of our amazing members, their story, and their shop. We will be opening up to more shops soon, but for now please enjoy the first of our beta testers, Melissa from MiaDesignz.

So tell us a little about yourself…

"They say when one door closes another opens. Very true. I was diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis and Fibromyalgia in 2006. I had arthritis for 20+ years, but as it runs in my family, I just did the best I could. By 2006 I was sick all the time and always exhausted. My husband would drive me to work and I would just survive the day. My life was pain, Dr. visits and exhaustion. By 2010 I was out on disability. I had been with my company for 17 years and was laid off. I have to say I felt really lost. No direction. A little depressed.... My mom was helping me out as I could not even cook a meal. One day she made a pair of earrings and as I watched I was amazed. I started buying beads and before long I was making jewelry as gifts."

Earrings - Wire Wrapped -  Pink Copper - Swarovski crystals

Earrings - Wire Wrapped - Pink Copper - Swarovski crystals

I cannot imagine what your journey has been like. To have gone through all of that, you are a truly strong person to keep going and eventually find something that makes you so happy! I know I have always found crafting to be a wonderful way for me to work through my stress and emotions, and I am sure many of our team members feel the same way. So how did you reach the decision to open a shop?

"My daughter in law mentioned I should open a shop on Etsy.  I read about it and saw all the wonderful creative people, everyone is so talented. I got together with my daughter Wendy, who has always been artistic. She fell in love with the clay. We named our shop after Wendy's daughter and my granddaughter Mia."

Penguin Necklace with Santa Hat - Made to Order - Personalized

Penguin Necklace with Santa Hat

I am so glad you found such a welcoming community on Etsy and that you decided to stay and open up shop. It must be so much fun to work with your daughter and have your shop somewhat dedicated to your granddaughter that, I am sure, will be a huge honor to her as she grows. What drives your creative and business processes?

"This little shop turned my life around. I work on items when feeling good and rest when not. Working with my daughter is such a joy. It's like we share a creative brain. She will have an idea and then I will say, “What about adding this or making that?” Before you know it, our brainstorming has generated really awesome designs."

What is your most favorite item that you have ever made? And is it still available for purchase from your shop?

"My favorite item is the pink copper and pearl necklace. I was babysitting for my daughter and it was 2 in the AM. I awoke from a sound sleep with this great idea! I got up and wanted to write it down, but all I could find was construction paper and crayons. So that was my first sketch."

Wire Wrapped Pendant Necklace - Pink and Silver - Swarovski Crystals - Copper

Wire Wrapped Pendant Necklace

Wow, I am not sure I can look at my son’s crayons as just his toys anymore; perhaps they can help me create something as beautiful as your necklace! I love all of the hand wrapped circles and the rose color of the wire you used. Buyer’s should also note your orders come ready for gift giving and that you will even include a gift note which makes shopping for a loved one so much easier! Do you have any advice for other members of our team?

"This is a blast, the joy of creating has made a huge difference in my life. I am doing much better and I know it is from having a creative outlet and direction. Do not be afraid to take that step to starting your own shop. I cannot tell you how helpful everyone is at Etsy. It is amazing to me that other store owners would want to help, but they do. In my old sales world we all competed and knowledge was not always shared. Etsy is different, the folks really like giving a helping hand, whether it is photographing or listing items or just a shop critique. They will answer your questions."

Thank you so very much Melissa! Your story was a joy to share and I hope that everyone who reads it can draw as much inspiration from it as I have. Teamwork team members, visitors and followers, please check out MiaDesignz for beautiful handcrafted jewelry, figurines, and ornaments. Their jewelry selection provides pieces suitable to many different styles, using materials ranging from feathers and beads to hand wrapped wire and hand sculpted figures. Those hand sculpted figures also make charming appearances as ornaments and knickknacks with personalization available in many cases. So please take a look around our first beta tester shop MiaDesignz


P.S. Melissa donated this item to our giveaway! Make sure to check our “Giveaway” Tab to learn how to win! 

Christmas Earrings - Sterling Silver - Swarovski Crystal - Jasper  -Simply Elegant

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

"Let Me Describe the Ways"

An informational "How To" on Listing Descriptions.

A few days ago, Katie from Katie's Creative Corner and I were discussing our shops and what we were working on, and she paid me a very nice complement about my descriptions. I thanked her and offered to show her the canon I used to create them that I had devised from studying every single blog post in the Seller’s Handbook Blog about descriptions and talking to other Sellers. She then asked me if I would be willing to share it on the Teamwork Blog and I said “Sure!” as long as everyone understands everything I learned was from the amazing Seller’s Handbook and from talking to other Sellers. I highly recommend that every seller read as much of it as possible and create a network of other Sellers who can help you! 

Now on to my description canon; I recommend that you copy and paste this to your word processor then you can use it over and over again for your listings only changing the specific details to each. If you do this and you have 20 listings for scarves that are all the same pattern just different colors you don’t have to start from scratch each time, just make sure that each listing is somewhat different so each item stands on its own. 
Please make sure to make it your own because most people buy handmade to support small business and real people they connect with so show your personality and style! Remember this is just a guide and your products may need more/less info. 
(The asterisks denote one paragraph’s / section’s descriptions) 

*Descriptive title, include pertinent info but try to have it make sense, some buyers don’t like titles that are just a string of tags and it makes it harder for them to know what you are selling. Make sure to have the title listed again at the beginning of your description, this is a good place to include a second spelling of a word in your title if you are afraid buyers may spell it different ways.*

*Start the main paragraph by telling the buyer a story, either about the design or the supplies - how you came up with them, where you found them, how it always reminds you of … This is a great way to show your personality and amazingness to the buyer.
If there are really important instructions for the buyer list them quickly here, make it short but clear, you can go more in depth later.

Now talk about exactly what you do to make your awesome product – don’t use too many industry terms as the buyer may not understand think of describing what you did to someone who has never crafted in their life. Do you do something special that makes your products extra special, say so here! Make your products stand out from the pack but be honest!
Anything else you need to tell them? Can they add on to this product? Do you have a similar product they may like if this isn’t quite right? Tell them here. *

*Write one or two sentences that describe the feel of this product or how you envision it to be used, here is your chance to say “This is perfect for you!” *

*The Details Spelled Out Clearly 
What is it? (In the most basic terms “This is a Men’s Large Hand Knitted Sweater (US Size)”)

What size is it? (List size of every single item they will get, try to list sizes in all forms possible to help you be marketable to international buyers)

What Colors is it? (Feel free to list shop specific colors but make them easy to understand – some people may not make the connection between Merlot and Maroon, but you can list both! If they have a choice make it clear what will stay the same and what they can change.)

Anything special about the price? (Are they getting a discount for buying in bulk, would it be helpful to list the cost per item as in party supplies?)

List any important Info. (Care instructions, age requirements, allergen info, anything you are required to tell a customer or that you want them to know)
How long will it take to make/ ship? (Is it made to order? Is it ready to ship? How long until you can get it into the mail? Can they have it rushed? And if they can how do they do it?)

Shipping info. (Do you use only recycled materials? Will it come loving wrapped and ready for gift giving? Do you offer confirmation?)

Special Instructions. (If this is custom what do they need to do? Is their work done?)*

*List any important shop policies you want to be sure your buyer see here. Don’t list all of them but don’t just post a link to your shop policies either (although that is a good idea,) find a happy medium.* 

*Finally list any links you think might be helpful. (Back to your main shop, special section, or related listings.)*

So there you have it, my canon for creating a description for handmade items. It may not work perfectly for your items but you can change a few things and make it exactly what you need. Sorry to the vintage and supply sellers, but if you have something you use or any great tips, please let us know by commenting! 


Blue Hearts Striped with Turquoise and Lime Green Note Cards / Everyday Stationery Perfect Gift for A Tom Boy Set of 8 - Ready To ShipSet of 8 Hot Pink and Blue Winter Holidays/ Christmas Cards with Button Embellishments and Blue and Purple Snowflake Borders - Ready To ShipTop Hats Off to You Congratulations Cards / Stationery with Top Hat Embellishment Set of 8 - Ready To ShipChristmas Tree with Buttons Red Winter Holidays/ Christmas Cards Set of 20 - Ready To Ship

Information for this post was found on:


Etsy Seller's Handbook --->