Wednesday, September 5, 2012

For the love of ....ETSY

Before I found etsy, I was an artist with no place to go.  I live in a small town and didn't have a lot of options for finding homes for my pieces. Oh, sure I would give them to family and friends, but really, you can only give your family and friends so many handmade items before they start to cringe when Christmas comes around.  Don't get me wrong, I am sure that they love my fabulous items, but I don't know that they need 30 different necklaces, 20 paintings, and 100 note cards.

Finding etsy changed my life. Not in one of those huge, "I have found redemption and am going to change the world" kind of ways, but in small yet still significant ways.

I now wake up in the morning and I am excited to see if I got a sale, if my new found friends have sent me a message and to see who has fav'd (etsy lingo) my items.  It feels great to know that someone else really appreciates your craft.  It is a confidence booster to say the least.

I decided to start the TEAMWORK Team in the beginning of this year and I have come across some of the most amazing and talented people.  Two of those people are my fellow team leaders.  Amber from Cosmic Cauldron  and Robin from LeNidDuMerleHandKnit.

Amber has been with the team pretty much since the beginning and has been a great asset.  Robin is new to the position of leader and has a cheerful and helpful attitude that I think will also be a great asset to this team.

I have found great friends and support in others as well.  When I decided to do this article, I sent messages to a few of those people asking them to answer two questions. First, what is your favorite aspect of etsy?  I asked this because I would like others to understand what it is that makes etsy unique.  Second I asked, what is the best part of being on the Teamwork team, or teams in general?  I know there are many shops on etsy that are not part of a team or are not active in the teams they do belong to, and I also know that the more active you are in the teams, the more positive your etsy experience can be. Ours is a great one by the way. =) Feel free to join us!

The answers I received back are heartfelt and genuine and I would like to share them with you.

Jenn from LovesYouStationeryCo. explains "I love the opportunity Etsy has given me, to be able do something that I love and be able to be a stay at home mom.  There is really nothing like the connections I have made on etsy with other sellers and my customers!"

She goes on to explain her involvement in the teams, "Well, I am brand new to the Teamwork team, but I love the way that teams provide a support system for their members.  You can find a team for almost anything. I think this team will be a great way for me to find new ways to promote my shop and find new friends to help me get through the ups and downs of being a seller."

This is so true, just like any job there are good days and bad and that is where being part of a team is helpful.  We do our best to support each other in any way we can.

Courtney from Wicked Karma Jewelry adds, "There are so many ways to help out your favorite shops by promoting the items that you like and admire, while at the same time bringing good karma to your shop.  It's all about Teamwork (and yes, I meant that as a cheesy! I love all of the charity stuff I see on Etsy.  This is something that you don't generally see in online shopping.  People who care, that is something I am proud to be a part of."

That is it, she hit the nail on the head.  People. That. Care.  I don't think I have ever been involved in a group before this which works so hard to help others.  You may think I just  lead a sheltered life but I would say that you need to be a part of this community to understand it fully.

"We are not normally good with social networking but love  the sportsmanship of the team and how everyone promotes each other. It's a very positive atmosphere and all of the creative minds make us want to improve. Fuel for the Soul." This statement from Melissa and Wendy of MiaDesignz, shows that even if you are uncertain about your ability to network, teams can be just the support system that you need to get on your feet and run a successful shop on Etsy.

Bobbie from SophiasRose adds emphasis to how supportive the teams can be with her answer to the second question, "I like the sense of community that the Teamwork Team and teams in general provide.  Also, the helping hands that are always there to aid in questions and problems."

This is one of my favorite aspects of Etsy also. I have yet to meet someone who wasn't willing to answer questions gladly and with a bright =).

Personally I don't feel that there are any major stigmas in the etsy community, whether you are new to etsy or have been there for awhile. Everyone is just so helpful and friendly.

Lauren from Whimsy Woodcrafts says,"My favorite thing about Etsy is the genuine camaraderie amongst shop owners and the great virtual friendships I have made.  I like being a part of a team because other shop owners look out for  you and they want to help promote your shop as much as they want to promote their own."

I once read a post about whether or not people promote shops that they would be in competition with (i.e. Faving for a shop that sells cards when you also sell cards).  At the time I was rather new to Etsy and I had to think about it for a bit.  My answer to that now is HECK YES I would!  I promote for as many people as I can because I feel that what goes around, comes around and so far it has proven to be true.

"I think the reason that I stay with Etsy after almost four years, is that it is a huge creative stimulus, a window into the craft and art world, along with the fact that I meet so many lovely people!" says Linda from PruittDesign. She goes on to say, " I also love the interaction with team members.  Anyone can join a team and promote, but I like to get to know some of the team members, share tips, disappointments, advice, and basically encourage one another. A good team keeps me/us going strong."

Well said!

More fabulous quotes from Teamwork Team members:

"The Camaraderie, and the happy friendly people on the Teamwork Team, are what I like best." Kristy from FarrOutJewelryDesign 

"Etsy is like a family and very easy to use if you are computer savvy." Cindy from CKDesignsUS

"My favorite thing is flexible time while still owning a store.  My next favorite thing is having like minded people on the same team as well as the like minded customers." From Heather of HeatherHolidays

"I love the community here at Etsy, not only for support but for inspiration, and marketing ideas. Its a really good resource even if your main selling venue isn't Etsy. I also love how the site is set up easily navigable, and it has a very eclectic yet authentic feeling to it that is comforting to me." From Ashley of MindofAsh

Also from Ashley, "Teams are again a great way to meet people and keep the lines of communication going to help each other meet goals of creativity and support one another. Its a great resource tool and builds a web of trust among familiar shop owners which is always a plus."

"My favorite thing about etsy is how you can find anything and everything that you never knew you wanted!" says Erin from TheGivingButterfly. She adds, "Every single person I've encountered on the teamwork team has been so supportive and friendly - it makes etsy seem not so big and intimidating! I truly appreciate that!"

"My favorite thing about Etsy is that I'm in the company of many wonderful, talented and creative artists who like me, want to express their artistic talents and expose them to the world and why not? To all of those who would love to have their items! I love that I can sell, share, buy and commune under an awesome creative company and actually drive a business with simplicity!!Besides exposing my items in the different teams and collaborating with other teammates, I love that I can also see everyone's items, meet people, know that if I need help with something, there is someone always there ready to help and that I'm not alone in the boat running a business." From Michelle of ShineHeartbyDesign

I hope this post helps you better understand why we love Etsy and the Teamwork team.  Thank you for taking the time to read and we hope to see you around! =)


Feel free to leave a comment about your favorite aspect of Etsy or the teams!


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