Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Fellowship of Slow Sales

If you frequent the forums on as much as I do, you begin to notice there are generally two types of sale related posts. First, there are the "I made my first sale!"/"So many sales I am doing my happy dance 24/7" type posts.These are always great morale boosters and a joy to read and respond too. There is really nothing like sharing in their happiness and optimism. 

Next, there are these posts,“No sales in 3 months”/“Why is no one buying from my shop?” Sometimes these posts can turn people off in the way they are worded, but at the root of their message is a feeling of hopelessness. If you, like me, belong to this second group, you often feel all if no one else is having problems or spending their nights staring at the screen praying for a sale to make ends meat. But how can this be true if there are enough posts about these issues to warrant my own category for them? There has to be at least some people going through what we are. 

And what if you have done everything anyone and everyone has suggested to improve your shop, from pictures to descriptions to SEO? You work at it every day, pouring your heart and soul into improving and updating your shop.  Yet you are still sitting there waiting and hoping to get a view from that one person who will actually click “Add to Cart?” How do you make it through?

Well I want to stand up right here and now, and say BE POSITIVE! There is a group of us who are working and waiting, and we’re all in this together. I am also willing to bet that all of those shops/business that we look to for inspiration spent a good bit of time as a part of this group too. So let’s all join together and be positive, as we spend countless hours working on our shops and products, improving every single aspect we can think of. Let’s be positive as we ask for and receive critiques, do research in the seller’s handbook and forums, and find ways to promote our shops. And when you’re sitting with your cup of hot cocoa in your slippers late at night, staring at the screen and hoping for a better day tomorrow, know that there are others joining you in that waiting game. Know that one day we will all be joining the first group in their happy dances! 


Jenn Fisher of Loves You Stationery Co


  1. As inspiration to the new shops and shops without sales, I would like to say be patient and keep positive. Sales will come and the hardest sale is your first sale. If you really would like to get that first sale, enter some BNS/R's or see if you can find a shop that will do a trade sale with you. Where you buy something of their's and they buy something of yours so that you can get that first sale. Also, the Teamwork team is working on a new BNP (Buy and Play) idea that had it's first trial run a few weeks ago where you buy from the first shop on the board and you get put in the last spot. Once you get to the first spot someone must buy from you to enter the game. You must have items in your shop that are under $10 though! The info on the BNP will be up shortly under the "BN...What?" section of the blog! Again, stay positive and get to know people. We like to buy from people we like and know! =)

  2. Great post! It's one of the hardest waiting games! Also summer is always the slowest for everyone on etsy! We are all in this together!